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Packing China for Moving? Here's a Packing Guide

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When it comes to packing China for moving, there is little room for mistakes. These fragile items carry tremendous financial and sentimental value, and should be treated accordingly.

This guide provides easy steps to make sure your experience packing China for moving is smooth and reliable to ensure beloved pieces arrive in one piece at their new home.

For professional assistance, reach out to D1 Moving and Storage. Our teams have all the materials, skills and experience to guarantee safe passage of all items, no matter how fragile.

What is China? A Closer Look at Fine China

Fine China, often simply referred to as "China," is more than just dinnerware; it's a symbol of refinement, elegance, and tradition. Originating from ancient Chinese ceramic craftsmanship, the name "China" has since become synonymous with high-quality porcelain dinnerware across the globe.

What is Bone China?
What is Bone China?

At its core, fine China is a unique ceramic blend, meticulously crafted from select materials:

  • Clay: The foundational element that provides the basic form and structure.
  • Bone Ash: Derived from animal bones, this ingredient gives China its distinctive creamy-white appearance and unique translucency.
  • Feldspathic Material: A type of mineral that, when combined with the other components, enhances the strength and durability of the China.
  • Kaolin: A naturally occurring white clay mineral that further augments the whiteness and luminosity of the ceramic.

One might be fooled by its delicate and thin appearance, but behind that elegant facade lies remarkable strength. This strength is attributed to the high-temperature kiln firing process it undergoes, which not only solidifies the mixture but also vitrifies it, resulting in a hard, glass-like finish.

Knowing the intricate processes and the sturdy materials that go into each piece of China can instill confidence when packing and moving. After all, while they are pieces of art, they are also designed to withstand daily use, making them more resilient than they might initially seem.

Materials for Packing China for Moving

In the age of technological advancement, packing your prized China should be an affair of innovation and enhanced protection. While traditional tools, like moving boxes and bubble wrap, still have their place, let’s highlight the modern solutions you should consider to ensure the safety and efficiency of your packing process. Based on an in-depth online comparison, we'll also recommend one standout solution.

China Packing Materials
China Packing Materials

Modern Protective Packaging Solutions for China

Rather than solely relying on traditional moving boxes, there are advanced protective materials and containers available in the market tailored for fragile items. These incorporate unique designs and cutting-edge materials to offer superior protection against shocks, vibrations, and other potential risks. From air-pillow systems to foam-in-place, their main objective is to cushion, isolate, and stabilize your China.


After researching various options online, storage containers stand out. This innovative solution provides multi-layer protection, ensuring that your delicate China remains intact during the move.

Industrial-Strength Packing Tape

While the regular tape does the job, industrial-strength variants offer enhanced durability and adhesive properties. They can withstand various weather conditions, ensuring the contents remain sealed and secure.

Enhanced Bubble Wrap

While bubble wrap remains a staple, newer versions provide better cushioning with multi-chamber bubbles and anti-static properties. For invaluable pieces, consider using this enhanced bubble wrap for optimal protection.

Non-Abrasive Packing Paper or Tissue 

To prevent chafing and maintain cleanliness, using non-abrasive, lint-free packing papers or tissues is vital. These materials won't smudge or stain your China and offer an additional protective layer.

Digital Labeling Systems

Instead of traditional markers, consider digital labeling systems that allow you to scan and track the contents of each box. These systems ensure precision and offer an added layer of security and organization.

Multi-Function Packing Tools

Scissors are essential, but multi-function packing tools, which integrate cutting, sealing, and other functions, can streamline the process. These ergonomic tools also come with safety features and storage solutions to keep them handy.

How to Prep the China for Packing

When it comes to moving precious items like China, the adage "well begun is half done" holds true. Beginning with a thorough preparation process ensures that your China is not only safeguarded against potential damage but also organized for a hassle-free unpacking experience.

Prepping China for Packing and Moving
Prepping China for Packing and Moving

Let's delve into the essential steps to get your China ready for the move:

Deep Clean and Inspection

Begin by cleaning each piece of China with gentle dish soap and lukewarm water. Once cleaned and dried, inspect each item under good lighting. Identify any cracks, chips, or damages, making a note of items with pre-existing issues to ensure they're packed with extra care.

Sort and Categorize

Group your China by type, such as plates, bowls, and cups. Within these groups, sort items by size, from largest to smallest. Additionally, divide your collection into two main categories: daily-use and special occasion pieces, as this will help determine packing priorities.

Gather Essential Packing Supplies

Before diving into the packing process, ensure you have all necessary materials on hand. This includes bubble wrap, packing paper, boxes, tape, and markers. Organize these supplies in a designated area to streamline the packing process.

Set Up a Dedicated Packing Station

Choose a spacious, clutter-free area for packing, ideally a large table. If that's not available, a clean floor space will suffice. Having a dedicated packing station ensures you have ample space to lay out, wrap, and box your China without interruptions.

Pack with Precision

Start with the most delicate pieces, wrapping them securely in bubble wrap or packing paper. For items with pre-existing damages, consider double-wrapping for added protection. As you fill each box, ensure there's cushioning at the bottom and between items to prevent movement and potential damage.

Label Each Box Clearly

Once a box is packed, label it with its contents and any special handling instructions, such as "Fragile" or "Handle with Care." Proper labeling not only aids during the moving process but also ensures that anyone assisting with the move knows the contents' delicate nature.

Tutorial Videos for Packing China for Moving

Packing China, with its varied designs from plates to bowls and stemware, can understandably be nerve-wracking. However, by employing strategies specifically designed for each piece, you can confidently safeguard them during transit.

Video Resources for Expert Packing Techniques

Sometimes, seeing is believing. While written instructions provide valuable guidance, visual aids can be instrumental in understanding the nuances of packing China. Here are some recommended video resources that shed light on the best practices:

  1. The SAFEST Way to Pack Fine China For a Move - YouTube
  2. How To Pack China Ware When Moving House - Matthew James Removals - YouTube
  3. Fiesta Dinnerware Packing Guide - How to safely pack China/dishes and plates for shipping & moving! - YouTube

With these videos, coupled with the detailed instructions below, you'll be well-prepared for your packing endeavor.

Packing China for Moving by Type of Dish
Packing China for Moving by Type of Dish


Plates, especially those crafted from fine China, are central to any dining collection. To protect them during a move, wrap each plate face-down in packing paper, securing the edges with tape. When boxing, stack them vertically with bubble wrap or packing paper in between to prevent damage from friction.

Bowls and Cups

Given their curved design, bowls and cups require careful packing to prevent breakage. For protection, wrap each item using packing paper, stuffing the hollow centers and then wrapping the exterior, securing with tape. When storing in boxes, ensure they're stacked vertically with ample cushioning in between.


Drinkware, notably stemware, demands meticulous packing due to its fragility. Begin by wrapping each glass in packing paper, paying extra attention to the stem, and then stuff the opening with additional paper for added protection. Ensure the wrapping is secure by twisting the paper's end around the glass's base.

Expert Techniques for Safely Packing China

The final step in ensuring the safety of your cherished China is the manner in which you pack the box. While each piece of China has been individually wrapped and protected, the overall arrangement within the box plays a pivotal role in preventing damages during transit.

China Packing Materials for Moving
China Packing Materials for Moving

Here's a guide to packing the box effectively:

Bottom Cushioning

The foundation of your packing starts at the base. Begin by lining the box's bottom with bubble wrap or densely packed paper. This creates a soft bed for your items, absorbing shocks and jolts. Aim for at least two inches of padding to provide optimal protection.


As you introduce your wrapped China into the box, it's essential to maintain separation between items. Layering is key. Ensure there's cushioning, be it bubble wrap, packing peanuts, or crumpled paper, between each layer. This not only prevents items from rubbing against each other but also distributes weight evenly.

Filling Gaps

A tightly packed box is a safe box. Ensure there are no voids or empty spaces within. Any gaps can allow items to shift during movement, leading to potential breakage. Fill these spaces with packing material, ensuring a snug fit for all items.


The integrity of your packed items is only as good as the seal on your box. Once you're satisfied with the packing, seal the box securely using high-quality packing tape. This ensures the contents remain protected from external elements and stay in place.


Proper labeling of your boxes is essential for safe handling. Mark each box prominently with "FRAGILE" and indicate the correct side up to guide those moving them. For easier unpacking, note the contents on the side, helping you decide which boxes to address first.

Premium Enhancements for Packing China for Moving

While the primary focus is often on the packing process, there are several other factors that warrant attention to ensure a smooth and damage-free move. The following are some additional tips and considerations to keep in mind when preparing to move your cherished China collection. These guidelines aim to provide a comprehensive approach, addressing not just the packing, but also the broader aspects of the moving process.

Consider Climatic Conditions

When orchestrating a move involving China, it's imperative to account for environmental factors. China's structural integrity can be compromised by abrupt temperature changes. Prior to scheduling your move, review the weather forecast. Opt for days characterized by moderate temperatures and devoid of inclement weather to ensure the safety of your China.

Maintain a Detailed Inventory

Prior to initiating the packing process, systematically document each piece of China, preferably with photographic evidence. This meticulous record not only aids in organizational efficiency but also serves as a crucial reference for insurance purposes or potential disputes.

Utilize Original Packaging

If you've retained the original packaging of your China, it's advisable to employ it for the move. These containers are specifically engineered for their contents, ensuring optimal protection during transit.

Strategize for Efficient Unpacking

As you package your China, envision the subsequent unpacking phase. Affix labels to boxes detailing their contents and their intended location in the new residence. This strategic approach expedites the unpacking procedure and guarantees the systematic placement of your China.

Prepare an Essentials Kit

Concurrently, as you manage the intricacies of packing China, assemble a distinct box encompassing essentials for your initial day post-move. While this might appear tangential to the China-packing process, it's a pivotal step to ensure immediate access to vital items without the need to sift through numerous boxes.

Hire Expert Movers

For tasks as nuanced as packing China for moving, the expertise of professional movers is invaluable. These specialists come equipped with the requisite knowledge, tools, and insurance coverage. Their proficiency guarantees that your China is managed with the precision it deserves.

Why Choose D1 Moving Services for Your Move?

When relocating treasures like China, it's crucial to select a service that grasps both the monetary and emotional value of your possessions. D1 Moving and Storage isn't just another moving company; it's a family-owned business that treats your items with the same care and respect as you do.

Here's why choosing D1 Moving Services for your move is a decision you won't regret:

Expertise in Packing China and Fragile Items

D1 Moving and Storage has a proven track record of safely transporting fragile items, including China. Their team is trained in specialized packing techniques that ensure your China is protected from potential damages during transit.

High-Quality Packing Materials

The company emphasizes the importance of using high-quality packing materials. From sturdy, double-walled boxes to premium bubble wrap and packing paper, D1 ensures your items are wrapped and packed securely.

Comprehensive Moving Services

Beyond just packing and moving, D1 offers a range of services including warehouse storage, junk removal, move-out cleaning, and installation services. This holistic approach ensures all your moving needs are catered to under one roof.

Stellar Reputation

The testimonials on their website are a testament to the company's commitment to customer satisfaction. Clients consistently praise D1 Moving and Storage for their professionalism, efficiency, and the overall positive experience.

Local Knowledge

Being based in Central Virginia, D1 Moving and Storage has an intimate knowledge of the locality. This local expertise ensures smooth logistics, timely deliveries, and a hassle-free moving experience.

Personal Touch

As a family-owned business, D1 Moving and Storage brings a personal touch to their services. They understand the emotional value of your belongings and go the extra mile to ensure your move is as stress-free as possible.

Making Moving A Breeze with D1 Moving & Storage

Packing China for moving might seem daunting, but you can tackle it head-on. Equip yourself with the right materials and techniques, and you'll confidently send your cherished items to their new home without a scratch. Always remember: when safeguarding your precious China, it's better to over-protect now than regret later.

When you need a reliable partner for this task, D1 Moving and Storage stands ready. Their team brings unmatched expertise, a strong commitment to quality, and a personal touch to every move. With D1 Moving and Storage, you're not just choosing a service; you're investing in 

peace of mind.

Ready for a smooth move? Contact D1 Moving and Storage for a quote today and start your seamless transition.

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